Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are core values at Holistic Consultation. We actively take an anti-racist stance and recognize that for all of our collective perspectives to make progress possible we:

  • See the diversity of our community and wholly respect the dignity and worth of each person.
  • Believe in creating safe, brave, and transparent spaces for change.
  • Recognize the current and historic systemic power struggles, tension, and inequities built into our local community and nationwide.

Tireless in our pursuit against racial and social injustice, Holistic Consultation also:

  • Boldly commits to offering equitable mental health services without discrimination, stigmatization, and marginalization.
  • Offers welcoming services in approachable and easy-to-understand means.
  • Supports conversations of change, power and privilege both actively and passively.
  • Makes every effort to be the best practice for clients and staff in terms of talent and diversity, recognizing the need for quality, consistency, and transparency.