Neurodivergence Therapy in Columbus, OH


You’re running ragged trying to keep up with everything you need to. The fear that something is always falling through the cracks has started to make you anxious, and it’s distracting you from your day to day life.

Despite your best efforts, staying focused and organized seem like tasks you’re never able to manage

Maybe sometimes, when you’re in a room of people you don’t know very well, you feel like you’re missing some set of unspoken rules. Or you’re feeling alienated by the difficulty you have relating to new, unfamiliar people.

Whether it’s one, a few, or all of these things, you know you’re tired of the frustration. If this sounds familiar, we can help.


Get Support Tailored To You

You’re operating in a world that assumes brains work just one way, and it’s made you have to work harder.

But we know brains can be as varied as the individuals they come in–and more than that, we’re ready to help you figure out better ways for you to navigate life and manage obstacles that come up in a neurotypical-centered world.

Our neurodivergence therapy will help support you with goals, strategies, resources, and accountability. Our therapy is designed to be flexible, focused, and tailored to meet your needs.

Navigate Life

Find Unique Ways To Thrive

It’s hard to navigate a world that wasn’t built with you in mind. We know how frustrating, laborious, and isolating it can feel. But the good news is: you don’t have to manage it alone. And, we want to help you do more than manage-we want to help you build a life that feels true, supportive, and exciting for you.

We’re not here to fix you–we’re here to give you the support you need to honor your experience, and find unique ways to thrive.

Our team of nearly 30 best-in-class therapists provide innovative care in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment, and are highly trained in a variety of evidence-based practices.


It’s our team’s goal to

Provide a safe and affirming space for you to discover your authentic self

Help you gain clarity, focus and confidence

Create calm connection in which we can build communication skills

Offer you the space & support to talk through what’s not working

Help you identify any obstacles or habits keeping you from moving in the direction you’d like

Give you the tools you need to keep yourself grounded and make decisions that align with your goals

Help you develop strategies that work for you to help with goal setting, time management, and organization

Strengthen your problem solving skills

Busy Brains Welcome

Build A Life That Works For You

We’ll work with you to figure out which form of therapy offers you the most well-rounded treatment for your needs!

Instead of trying to navigate life in a neurotypical world all alone, come work with our therapists who prioritize a holistic, compassionate approach to your treatment. We’ll work with all of you, helping you find the curiosity, habits and insight you need to build a life that works for you.

Come work with us.


Your Next Steps

It is completely possible to gain insight into what is going on in your life and feel confident moving into the future.

With the right support, you can start taking small steps forward.

Holistic Consultation can help.