EMDR in Columbus, OH


Have you experienced a traumatic event?
Is it hard for you to ground yourself in the present?
Do you feel constantly on edge, unsure exactly what will trigger a traumatic memory?

If traditional talk therapy hasn’t worked for you, you may be feeling defeated. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re going to be ruled by your trauma triggers forever.

Don’t give up yet.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) is an evidence based treatment method structured to get at the roots of your trauma responses, and repair the links between your senses and memories. Because it works with targeting those memories directly, EMDR is typically a shorter treatment process than traditional talk therapy


Living with traumatic memories can make you feel anxious, isolated, and stuck where you are

The unpredictability of when those memories will be triggered can make it hard to fully engage in your life, and it can make connecting intimately and authentically with other people difficult, or even frightening.

Living with trauma is hard. You never know just when it’s going to show up–it can come unexpectedly and create obstacles we don’t know how to manage on our own, while also making it harder to connect with others. Deciding to get treatment is incredibly vulnerable and brave.

We want to help you feel empowered in your life again, instead of being constantly ruled by trauma responses. EMDR helps address past traumas while also making space for current distressful situations and developing skills for navigating future experiences.

Our team of nearly 30 best-in-class therapists provide innovative care in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment, and are highly trained in a variety of evidence-based practices.

How It Works

EMDR is an evidence based treatment method with eight phases


History taking & treatment planning

Our clinicians will talk with you about your history, what you’re hoping to treat, and develop a treatment plan from there.



Here we will cover the developed treatment plan, go into more detail on the process of EMDR and go over any questions you have. In this phase, we also introduce techniques that will be helpful for you to utilize in moments of distress or disturbance.



The assessment phase is where we will determine what it is we’ll be working to reprocess (or “repair”) in session. Some things commonly reprocessed would be images, beliefs, sensations, or other feelings/emotions.



While EMDR directly references eye movement in the name, there are other ways to achieve the bilateral stimulation necessary for the treatment processes. This could be back-and-forth eye movement, butterfly taps, or others. This is the phase where bilateral stimulation will be used as a tool for reprocessing memories, with the goal of lowering levels of distress overall.



In the desensitization phase you are working on decreasing the amount of distress you have at a certain image, feeling, sensation, etc. In this phase, you are working to install a more positive belief with that same image/belief/etc.


Body Scan

Holding the targeted event and newly installed positive idea in your head, you’ll begin to wrap up with a body scan to identify any lingering distress.



Here your clinician will help you return to the present, grounded and calm. This can happen before or after an event is completely reprocessed.



In your next session, your therapist will begin by going over recently reprocessed events and determine future targets for reprocessing.

Your Next Steps

It is completely possible to feel like yourself again.

With the right support, you can start taking small steps forward. You just need to find the right professional to guide you along the way.

Holistic Consultation can help.