EMDR in Columbus, OH


When Talk Therapy Falls Short: A Glimpse of Hope

EMDR, short for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, stands as a proven method designed to mend the connections between your sensory experiences and your memories, empowering you to heal.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, EMDR takes a direct approach by pinpointing and addressing these memories head-on. This approach often results in a shorter treatment process, allowing you to expedite healing.


Reclaiming Your Life from Trauma: Finding Empowerment and Healing

Living with traumatic memories can cast a shadow, leaving you feeling anxious, isolated, and trapped in the past.

The unpredictability of when these memories might resurface can hinder your life. It can also create barriers to forming intimate and authentic relationships.

Holistic Consultation can help.


We're here to support you while honoring experiences that require extra attention and care

The journey of living with trauma is undoubtedly challenging, marked by the unpredictability of when it may resurface, and the obstacles it can create, making it difficult to navigate on your own. Seeking treatment is an act of vulnerability and immense courage.

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your life, freeing you from the constant grip of trauma responses. EMDR therapy offers a path to address past traumas, create space for managing current distress, and equip you with the skills needed to navigate the future.