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Public Speaking & Continuing Education


Did you know that Holistic Consultation goes beyond therapy to offer community support, health and wellness initiatives, and ongoing education opportunities for fellow practices, providers, and businesses?

If you're in search of a professional speaker who can inspire and empower your audience to prioritize their mental health, look no further.

Whether you're hosting an event, training, podcast, or retreat, we can help.


At Holistic Consultation, we're passionate about presenting mental health topics in an engaging and meaningful manner, catering to both intimate gatherings and larger audiences.

We offer engaging and informative talks on a wide range of mental health topics, spanning from relationships, managing depression, anxiety, and navigating couples' challenges. We're equally adept at addressing caregiving, fostering healthy families, parenting, and promoting overall health and wellness.

Our diverse clientele has included non-profit organizations, educational institutions, business owners, real estate professionals, and individuals in the medical field. We recently had the privilege of presenting on health and wellness for social service professionals, covering topics like horticultural therapy, building balance, mindfulness, meditation, and supporting clients with ADHD.

We're here to tailor a custom package that aligns with your unique business needs. Whether you'd like to mix and match continuing education, in  person or online services, with an art or plant therapy workshop, prefer a one-hour session, a full-day event, or an ongoing series, we've got you covered.

Media Inquiries

At Holistic Consultation, we actively partner with various media outlets, including local news channels, podcasts, and magazines, to offer expert insights on a wide spectrum of mental health topics.

Our dedicated clinicians and their valuable perspectives have been featured on several prominent platforms, including:

  • Group Practice Tech Podcast: Sharing our expertise on the evolving landscape of group therapy and mental health practices.
  • Self Care Society Podcast: Providing insights on the significance of self-care and well-being in today's fast-paced world.
  • NCB4i: Contributing to discussions on mental health matters impacting our community.
  • Fox 28 with the Central Ohio Grief Care Coalition: Collaborating to raise awareness and support around grief care in Central Ohio.
  • 2023 Ohio Mental Health Conference: Collaboration with The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Ottawa, Sandusky & Wyandot Counties, Sandusky County Public Health, the Sandusky County Family & Children First Council and the Prevention Partnership of Sandusky County.

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