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Partnering With The Community

Public Speaking and Events

Holistic Consultation is committed to community involvement and going beyond the walls of our practice to deliver clear, informative, and interactive presentations to support the community and businesses alike.

Whether it’s hosting an event, providing education, or health and wellness initiatives, our speakers are dedicated to delivering engaging and insightful presentations that combine practical advice and sensible tips to leave everyone feeling motivated.


Our diverse speaking client list includes Sandusky County Public Health, The G.A.P. Network, Prevention Action Alliance, Self Care Society Podcast, and the Arts Council of Westervile. We also serve non-profit organizations, educational institutions, business owners, real estate professionals, and individuals in the medical field. Our speakers are subject matter experts, and are known for their dynamic presentations, keeping people alert, interested and engaged. We have the resources you need, from the practice Central Ohio has trusted for over 10 years.


Resilience and self care
Mindfulness and meditation
Grief and loss
Vicarious trauma
Self care for health care professionals


Training and Continuing Education Credits
Event Series
Podcasts and Interviews


Interactive Workshops featuring live plants, journaling, art therapy, and more
Event Series
Podcasts and Interviews

Have something in mind? We can build a presentation to suit the needs of your organization, or you can choose from our library of time tested programs. Our speakers are in high demand, reach out today.

Media Inquiries

At Holistic Consultation, we actively partner with various media outlets, including local news channels, podcasts, and magazines, to offer expert insights on a wide spectrum of mental health topics.

Our dedicated clinicians and their valuable perspectives have been featured on several prominent platforms, including:

  • Group Practice Tech Podcast: Sharing our expertise on the evolving landscape of group therapy and mental health practices.
  • Self Care Society Podcast: Providing insights on the significance of self-care and well-being in today's fast-paced world.
  • NCB4i: Contributing to discussions on mental health matters impacting our community.
  • Fox 28 with the Central Ohio Grief Care Coalition: Collaborating to raise awareness and support around grief care in Central Ohio.
  • 2023 Ohio Mental Health Conference: Collaboration with The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Ottawa, Sandusky & Wyandot Counties, Sandusky County Public Health, the Sandusky County Family & Children First Council and the Prevention Partnership of Sandusky County.

Our speakers have been featured at many prestigious organizations and events


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