What to Do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and for some people, it can be a tough holiday. It’s a day that’s focused on love, but sometimes it actually makes people feel more alone. It’s a day that seems like it’s just for couples, which can make it a long day for single people.

There is nothing wrong with being single, of course, but a holiday focused on romantic relationships can highlight the loneliness people feel sometimes when they’re single. It’s tough to feel left out on a day that’s supposed to be fun and sweet. If you’re feeling emotional because you’re single on Valentine’s Day. 

Are you having a hard time being single this Valentine’s Day? Here are some ways to help you get through the day.

Remember it’s just a day

Even if it’s a day you dread, Valentine’s Day is just one day. In 24 hours, it will be over, and you won’t have to think about it for a whole year. Work on releasing your expectations about the day. Having high expectations about such an emotional day can sometimes make it easier to feel disappointed. It doesn’t have to be a picture-perfect day. It’s okay if you just do what you need to do to get through the day. 

Distract yourself

It’s okay to distract yourself when you’re distressed. Valentine’s Day can be hard to ignore – there are ads and displays everywhere, and it can feel like you can’t escape it. Distracting yourself doesn’t mean that you’re avoiding your feelings, it can just mean that you’re getting through a distressing event however you can. Try engaging in a hobby you care about, watching a new TV show, reading a book, playing with a pet, or moving your body in a way that feels good. 

Tell someone you love that you love them 

Romantic love isn’t the only important kind of love in our lives! What about our friends, our family, or our pets? It always feels good to tell someone you care about them. Besides, chances are that you’re not the only person in your life who’s having a hard time on this day. Reaching out to someone you care about can help you remember that you’re not alone and that with or without romantic relationships, you have a support system. 

Give yourself something to look forward to

How can you romance yourself a bit on Valentine’s Day? It can be helpful to give yourself something to look forward to on hard days. If you know that Valentine’s Day is going to be hard for you, whether you’re single or not, try treating yourself to something special. You could try making or ordering your favorite meal, having a spa day, or going for a hike somewhere you love. There are lots of different ways to be happy! See what you can do to give yourself a nice day, no matter what your relationship status is.