Preparing for the unexpected:
We are here for you

At Holistic Consultation, we feel a clinical and social responsibility to keep our offices open as long as possible and if we must close, keep the office available for staff to offer online therapy.

This also means we are currently moving to online sessions where appropriate. Here are a few FAQs to get started:

How can I get started with online therapy?
The process is simple. You only need a private space, a good internet connection, and a computer or tablet. You also need to complete some additional paperwork before you can begin.
How can I access online therapy forms?
Online therapy forms can be found on our website under the “Client Forms” section at the bottom of every page and on the “Contact Us” page.
A direct link to the forms can also be found here.
Will my insurance cover online therapy? Is the rate and copay the same?
Yes! All of our in-network insurance providers have approved online therapy sessions. Self-pay and sliding fee scale rates are also welcome.

Do your clinicians offer online therapy?
All of our clinical staff now offer online therapy.

What if I want to establish service?
We have expanded our services and are now offering initial visits online.

What if I am not located in Ohio?
If you are out of state, please contact us. Happy to help support you and advocate in whatever ways are needed.

What about group therapy?
We have currently suspended our in-person group offerings.
We are currently working on an online alternative and will reach out when ready.

What if I have another question or need to get ahold of someone?
As of Thursday, March 19th, all nonclinical staff will work remotely where possible.
This means you can still connect with us and our practice via phone, email, or website rather than in-person during this time. Our administrative staff is still available during normal business hours Monday-Friday 9-5 pm.