How to Meet Your Own Needs This Holiday Season

In this busy season of the year, and often the season of life, I frequently hear concerns about how to meet the needs of others. I encourage my clients to step back for a moment and ask themselves what they also need at this time.

So much pressure is placed on creating the “perfect” gathering, holiday or even finding the most “right” gift. So much of the beauty in life comes from the imperfect moments which can become lasting memories and unexpected traditions.

I would suggest that it isn’t sustainable for one person to carry the weight of trying to make each person around them have the best experience possible. Consider finding ways to meet your own needs while encouraging others to contribute how they feel they are able.

While you may not have the bandwidth to host your entire extended family for a gathering this year, there may be opportunities to spend quality time together by thinking outside of what has traditionally been done. A gathering of found family members in a rented space with a potluck style meal can be just as enjoyable and allows everyone to share something from which they find meaning.

Whether a gift or meal is handmade or bought from a store, the amount of thought and love behind it can remain the same. I invite everyone to think about how they might take care of their own selves this year in hopes that this may become helpful for many seasons to come.

Mandy Daniel, MSW, LISW-S