Group Therapy and Workshops


There was a time in your life when you looked forward to big changes and transitions. You sought out opportunities to try new things and expand your horizons.


Join Holistic Consultation and Andi Yates in exploring trauma and healing practices through orchid care and cultivation. Through this meditative practice, participants will learn about the effects of trauma and healing practices. This class also offers opportunities to engage in mindfulness while repotting and working with plants. Classes will be small so group members will have opportunities to interact with the therapist during class. Each participant will leave with a potted orchid of their choice. The cost is $25.

Hoover Gardens: 182 N Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
Date: November 13
Time: 9:30 am and 11 am

Fall 2021 Groups

Addressing Grief and Loss

This group will explore and discuss the participants’ experiences in losing a loved one in death, relationships, health, employment, pets, and more. Psychosocial and theoretical education will also be provided.

This group is a free weekly group that will be offered every Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. beginning on September 9, 2021, via telehealth and will end on Thursday, October 28. The group discussion will be co-facilitated by Renee Ahern and Pam Leslie. This group is sensitive in nature and is offered as a closed group only. Once participants sign up to attend, additional participants will not be permitted until a new group begins

Building Balance

This DBT based group is focused on introducing tangible skills that address a wide variety of concerns. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a modality created by Marsha Linehan Ph.D., APBB that emphasizes individual psychotherapy and group skills training classes to help people develop balance in their life. It consists of four major components that will be presented in this group structure including; mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. This group is a perfect complement to the individual therapy our clients are engaged in at Holistic.

This group is a free weekly virtual group on Tuesdays at 6 pm, starting September 21, 2021. The group discussion will be facilitated by Angela Weixel.

Healing Trauma through Yoga

Some wounds are ever healing and traumas tend to stay with us, but they don’t have to. Trauma lives in the body and can leave a lasting imprint psychologically. Reclaim your body, mind, and spirit with Renee and Angela. We invite you to explore healing modalities in a safe and inclusive atmosphere. In this traditional psychotherapy group and yoga class series, we offer a space to process, combined with light yoga instruction. Join Renee as she facilitates deeply reflective and inspiring group discussions and psychoeducation around trauma. Followed by Angela, certified EMBER trauma-sensitive yoga instructor, as she guides you through mindfulness activities and restorative Yoga Nidra practices. On this inner journey, Renee and Angela will serve as gentle guides, to facilitate autonomous healing and self-empowerment. We honor you for entrusting us with the most special gift of reclaiming your spirit, overcoming pain, and returning to your true self.

This group is partnering with Dharma House yoga studio (5625 N High St, Worthington, OH 43085) and will be held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm for 60-90 min beginning September 22, 2021. The group discussion will be co-facilitated by Angela Weixel and Renee Ahern.


Values, Action, and Mindfulness

Based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) developed by Steven Hayes and expanded by Russ Harris, this group will be a Mindfulness-based group to reduce stress, overcome fear, and create a rich and meaningful life. This group will focus on learning and practicing mindfulness and defusion techniques, and discussion around values, and committed action.

This group is a free weekly virtual group on Tuesdays at Noon, starting September 21, 2021. The group discussion will be co-facilitated by Natalie Waters and Erica Kittleson.

In the midst of this, you decided you wanted to feel better about yourself, so you sought counseling.

You showed up and invested your energy in therapy. You’ve been making great strides and have an understanding of why you face the challenges you do and where your struggles come from.


When you attend group therapy with Holistic Consultation you will:

  • Find a safe environment to practice your coping skills
  • Receive encouraging feedback from others going through similar things
  • Find a low-commitment way to deepen your work
  • Discover ways to integrate what you have learned into your everyday life

The Group Therapy Process

Group therapy is intended to help you form a sense of shared purpose with others who have faced similar struggles.  You will build trust, respect, and compassion with your group members which allows you to do deep, healing work.

Session One:


  • During this initial session, you will be paired with an intake clinician for an initial consultation.
  • The point of this visit is to find out what brought you to therapy and how Holistic Consultation can help. This is intended to make the counseling process as easy and as smooth as possible.
  • Once the initial intake is completed, and you are an active client of Holistic Consultation, you are welcome to join one of our groups.


Group Therapy

  • Group therapy is available in addition or as a supplement to your one on one counseling.
  • This can also be helpful for if you are experiencing financial difficulty and need a space to receive supplemental support.
  • The group facilitator employs proven approached that highlight all members’ strengths.

More About Holistic Consultation:

Our Therapy & Counseling Services in Columbus


As an integrative counseling practice, our team of nearly 30 best-in-class therapists provide innovative care in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment.

Our therapists are highly trained in a variety of evidence-based approaches and also offer  advanced specialties in:

  • Art Therapy
  • Ayurvedic Health Education
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Sex Therapy & Sex Positivity
  • Perinatal Mental Health
  • Yoga Nidra

All of this is with the goal of helping you have the most well-rounded treatment possible.

What Satisfied Members are Saying
About Group Therapy

"Everyone was very kind and caring at it made me feel at ease."

"Just the thought of knowing I can come here and have a group of people to talk to makes a huge impact."

"Always very friendly and welcoming in a supportive environment. Group therapy has really helped me feel better."

Who Benefits Most from Group Therapy

You will benefit from group therapy if:

  • You want to feel more connected and supported
  • You hope to view yourself in a different light
  • You’re excited to know you’re not alone
  • You’re looking to improve your social skills

What Does Group Therapy Cost?


Our group therapy is a FREE service offered and is available for all active clients who have completed an intake session at Holistic Consultation.

When and Where Can I Schedule to attend Group Therapy in Columbus?

Throughout the year, we offer groups and workshops in a variety of areas. Some of the groups are issue-specific, while other groups are skill-building in nature. Please ask your counselor or see our office for additional offerings.

For questions and concerns, please email [email protected].


Each of our facilitators are licensed by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapist Board.

Our facilitators have received advanced training and education in group counseling. They also have extensive experience creating a safe, warm and welcoming space while facilitating conversations in a group environment.

Your Next Steps

It is completely possible to find ways to authentically show up and connect with others who love and appreciate you for who you are.

With the right support, you can start taking small steps forward. You just need to find the right professional to guide you along the way.

Holistic Consultation can help.