Book Recommendations, Trainings & Resources

As mental health professionals being aware of current events is simply not enough. We believe it is important to address the recent tragic events and work to continue to make room for conversations about race, racism, and social justice in our work.

We all have a responsibility to be a force for positive change and progress and we are committed to continue to do this work in our practice.

Here are some recourses that come recommended by our staff. Feel free to join us.

Staff Book Recommendations & Trainings
Anti-Racism Resources
  • This link has a google doc of anti-racism resources. It can feel overwhelming, that’s ok.
Financial Help
  • An additional way to contribute is with our bank account. Holistic Consultation is open to donating to local justice initiatives. If you have a favorite local or national organization where we can make a contribution and a difference, please hit reply and let us know.