ADHD Support


ADHD Support:
Where Your Unique Journey Matters

Do you often feel overwhelmed, and struggling with endless to-do lists?
Are you frustrated by a lack of focus?
Do you struggle with forgetfulness and impulsive behavior in a way that’s impacted your relationships?
Are you overwhelmed with guilt for the tasks and responsibilities you’ve put off?
Do you experience repeated setbacks, and often feel like you’ve failed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing symptoms of ADHD. ADHD impacts more than 5% of Americans (or around 8 million people). With a greater awareness of the symptoms of ADHD, more adults are being diagnosed than ever, but managing an ADHD diagnosis as an adult can be overwhelming.


Badass ADHD Coaching

a division of Holistic Consultation, is here to guide you on your journey.

Badass ADHD Coaching is offered by Holistic clinician Jean Tidd, Licensed Independent Social Worker and an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider.

Jean’s approach is designed to instill confidence, build resilience, and develop the audacity to succeed on your own terms. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to supporting folks with ADHD, so Jean tailors her services to each individual.


Not sure where to start?

Badass ADHD Coaching provides comprehensive services to meet you where you’re at.


We Offer

ADHD Consultations & Training

If you’re just starting out, curious about supporting a loved one, or seeking more information, consider a consultation. A consultation allows you to connect with a provider, explore services, and consider a wide range of services. Our consultations are set up to enhance knowledge about ADHD and to provide skills for folks who work with individuals with ADHD.

Some people who can benefit from ADHD consultations include parents, teachers, employers, professors, mental health professionals, and medical providers.

Diagnostic Evaluations & Treatment Planning

If you are considering whether you have ADHD, or want to explore your symptoms in depth, Badass ADHD Coaching offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. A diagnostic evaluation can help you understand more about how your brain works and help validate that what you’re experiencing is real.

What makes our evaluations different?

We partner with Qbtech, in addition to other high quality assessments, to explore your activity, impulsivity, and attention. Qbtech assessments take 15-20 minutes to complete, and provide a comprehensive analysis– including information about whether treatment such as medication or therapy is working.


ADHD Coaching

If you’re seeking customized support around day to day tasks, finding organizational skills that work for you, and exploring practical strategies, ADHD coaching may be a great fit for you.

During coaching sessions, you will receive personalized guidance, as well as learning practical skills to help you navigate ADHD in everyday life.

Badass ADHD coaching can help you set and achieve goals, improve your self esteem, enhance your productivity, reduce stress levels, improve your relationships, feel empowered, and find accountability and long term success.

ADHD Support Groups

ADHD can be isolating, but remember that you’re not alone. Badass ADHD Coaching offers group support.

Join with other individuals who really understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there too. Support groups can help reduce shame and stigma, build community, offer a chance to develop and practice new skills, and find greater understanding around the ADHD mind.

We hope that you will not only appreciate the shared wisdom that our ADHD support groups offer, but you’ll have fun, too!

Monthly Membership

Badass ADHD Coaching and Holistic Consultation want to take the guesswork out of ADHD support for you, so we developed our Badass ADHD Powerhouse Collective, which is our monthly membership to support everyday life with ADHD.

Through the membership, you can have it all: access to support groups, specialized care, coaching, evaluations, skill building, accountability, weekly Q+As, a resource library, and more.

Drop the array of half used planners, apps you don’t use, and piles of post-it notes. We are excited to meet you, and help you find your way.


Meet Our ADHD Coaching Expert



Jean Tidd is the brains behind Badass ADHD Coaching.

As an ADHD-Certified Clinical Service Provider, Jean has undergone specialized training, clinical practice, and rigorous education. Her credentials enable her not only to provide top-tier ADHD coaching but also to evaluate and assess specific issues and challenges linked to ADHD.

Jean's expertise and experience spans a range of critical areas:

  • Understanding ADHD and Brain Functioning: Gain insight into how ADHD impacts your brain's processes.
  • Empowering Students with ADHD: Discover strategies and support tailored to the needs of students.
  • Enhancing Executive Skills: Uncover effective methods to bolster executive skills both at home and in relationships and the workplace.
  • Holistic Well-Being: Explore the influence of exercise, sleep, diet, and the environment on ADHD.
  • ADHD Across the Lifespan: Recognize the importance of early intervention and navigate ADHD challenges at different stages of life.
  • Tailored Modifications: Identify and implement necessary adjustments to cater to specific populations with ADHD.

With Jean's guidance, you can navigate the unique strengths and complexities of ADHD with resilience and confidence.

Your Next Steps

Are you ready to stop fighting your brain and make it your ally?
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