ADHD Coaching


ADHD Coaching is a wellness approach helps support you with goals, strategies, resources and accountability. Our signature ADHD Coaching is flexiable, focused and tailored to meet your needs.

  • Tired of feeling tired, run down and behind on all of the things?

  • Are you easily distracted? disorganized?

  • Do you have trouble prioritizing? moving forward?

  • Are you tired of the frustration?


Gain Focus, Clarity, and Confidence with ADHD Coaching

Increased Organization

  • Goal setting, time management, motivation, productivity, prioritization, planning, organization

Develop New Skills/Strategies

  • Increased focus, problem-solving, punctuality, clarity, boundaries

Better Manage Emotions

  • Increased communication. Create calm and connection. Find clarity. Stress management

Here is a snapshot of what we may work on in coaching:


  • Shift beyond the daily struggle.
  • Where would you like to be? Let’s help you get there.


  • Create a clear path to achieve your goals.
  • Let's discover a plan and then take action.


  • You are not alone in this.
  • Let's identify support you have all around.


  • Try new strategies, build skills along the way.
  • Sometimes life gets in the way. Let's help you to stay on track.

More About Holistic Consultation:

Our ADHD Coaching

  • Get unstuck, learn how to use your strengths to get things done
  • Get clear on your goals and how to achieve them
  • Build confidence, create more solid relationships and feel more understood
  • Find new ways of coping with strong feelings like stress and overwhelm
  • Learn effective routines and schedules. Healthy habits. Productivity hacks.

Meet Your ADHD Coach



Our ADHD Coaching is offered by Jean Tidd, MSW, ADHD-CCSP.

As an ADHD-Certified Clinical Service Provider, Jean has received specialized training, clinical work, and education not only to offer ADHD coaching, but to also evaluate and assess specific issues and concerns related to ADHD.

Jean’s coaching expertise and experience focuses on:

  • The impact of ADHD on brain functioning
  • Supporting students with ADHD
  • Strategies for improving executive skills at home, in relationships, and in the workplace
  • Impact of exercise, sleep, diet and the environment on ADHD
  • ADHD across the lifespan and importance of early intervention
  • Necessary modifications needed for specific populations with ADHD




What Does ADHD Coaching Cost?

Our signature coaching package is $995 for 6 hours of coaching. Offered in-person at our Clintonville office or online. Purchase package in full and receive an additional coaching hour free.

20 minute FREE phone or in person initial ADHD Coaching consultation available.